Embracing the future of digital platforms

At Jacobs Media, we understand the profound impact that AI and emerging technologies are having on the digital landscape.
Just as a sturdy foundation is crucial for supporting a towering skyscraper, the team at our brand, OTT, has undertaken a comprehensive rebuild of their platform infrastructure. This strategic move is designed to future-proof OTT's technological roadmap and enable seamless integration of AI-powered capabilities.

Elevating the User Experience

According to Louise Honan, OTT's Chief Technology Officer, "While the user experience may appear largely unchanged on the surface, the platform has been completely rebuilt on a highly advanced foundation. This allows us to not only integrate AI feeds, but also unlock a wealth of new possibilities for our users."

Accelerating Innovation

OTT's technological roadmap is ambitious and exciting, as the platform upgrade empowers the team to program and innovate at a faster pace than ever before. "With this upgrade, we will be able to offer even more engaging multimedia content and cutting-edge digital technologies," Honan continued. "Our goal is to continuously improve and embrace the latest innovations surrounding the learning experience on the OTT platform."

Launching a Global Transformation

OTT's new global platform was launched in March, marking the beginning of an ongoing journey of website improvements and enhancements throughout the year. Jacobs Media is thrilled to support OTT's commitment to staying at the forefront of digital innovation and delivering an exceptional experience for users worldwide.