A spotlight on sustainability and social responsibility

Our aim is to build a better future for the travel and hospitality industries.
We’re aware that with a voice and platform like ours, it is our responsibility to use it for good. Whilst the future is bright, we know that can be greener. So we’re documenting our efforts as we strive to be the real leaders of change.

As we turn a new leaf, we’re taking valuable steps to make our business output more sustainable. From our partners to our printers, we’re transforming our practices. We’re excited to watch this list grow faster and further as we continue moving forward.

We have significantly reduced unnecessary paper usage at our events by making programmes and guest lists available through QR codes.
We prioritise sourcing local and sustainable materials for the production of event collateral, including bags and lanyards.
In our commitment to minimising plastic waste, refillable water bottles are provided to all our guests.
We have launched sustainability summits within both the travel and hospitality sectors.

In print
Our magazines are currently printed on paper stock made from 60% recycled pulp, with our ultimate goal being to move all our titles to 100% recycled paper.
All our magazines are now packaged in 100% recycled and biodegradable wrappers.

At the office 
By investing in systems that discourage unnecessary printing of documents, we have reduced paper usage in our office by 90%.
We’ve introduced filtered water and encourage the use of refillable bottles to minimise the purchase of bottled water in plastic containers.
We’re minimising unnecessary overseas travel for business purposes and actively working on carbon offsetting initiatives to ensure our team travels responsibly.

With our partners
Our paper suppliers work with forestry commissions, ensuring responsible sourcing of wood fiber for paper production and implementing practices for replanting and replenishing forests.
Our printing partners offset their carbon emissions.
We actively seek partnerships with event venues that uphold sustainability policies, covering aspects such as clean air, renewable energy usage, and the reduction of food wastage.

Charitable work is at the heart of our business. Guided by our Owner and Chairman, we prioritise supporting primarily UK-based charities, especially those benefiting disadvantaged children and involved in cancer research or supporting those affected by the disease.

Over the past thirteen years, we’re proud to say that we have raised over £1 million for charity across our core events. Behind the scenes, we’re actively encouraging our team to participate in various sponsored activities to contribute to charitable causes.

In 2024, as we take the Jacob’s Media brand in a new, more authentic direction we’re rethinking how we do business from the ground up. We see this shift as an opportunity to truly up our game so that we can set bigger and better examples for the rest of the industry at a time when the planet needs it most.