It all starts with a Jacobs conversation...

It’s about bringing people together, creating new opportunities, and helping to achieve a stronger future for travel and hospitality brands around the world.

A global culture of collaboration

Through events, insight, content, and partnerships, we bring together the right minds with the right environments and the brightest ideas. 

While our roots are in London, our ever-growing international division spans over five continents. With 9 brands under our wing, including Travel Weekly and The Caterer, and 160 global events and exhibitions, we’re probably a lot closer than you think.

Experts in our field

We leverage our in-depth industry knowledge to curate and recommend solutions that align with the latest trends, emerging technologies, and best practices. 

While our reach may be global, our communication style is personal, where transparency and honesty pave the way for trust.

Always listening, always learning

We’re always listening. Ensuring our clients feel genuinely heard allows us 
to always deliver solutions that remain honest and effective.

Our ability to understand people’s needs is the foundation of every Jacobs conversation.