Julia Feuell

Founder, OTT

Renowned for her contributions, Julia has chaired travel industry committees and earned prestigious accolades such as "Woman Entrepreneur of the Year" at the Shine Awards.

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Julia Feuell, a travel industry entrepreneur from Auckland, New Zealand, made her impact on the UK when she founded New Frontiers in 1993, a successful recruitment agency that peaked at £4.5 million. In 2017, she successfully sold New Frontiers to TMS Talent.

In 2008, while expanding New Frontiers, Julia conceptualised Online Travel Training (OTT), a global platform providing accessible product and skills training for travel professionals. Under her leadership, OTT's community grew from 5000 to over 250,000 globally. After securing funding, the 22-language platform launched in 2018. In November 2023, Julia led the acquisition of OTT by Jacobs Media, aligning it with their travel media and events companies for continued growth.